House for Yusufa

The Fenicja Foundation has started another aid campaign for Lebanon. In the doorstep of Bethlehem Night 2020, we want to help a young Lebanese couple who would like to make a safe place for their future large family. And today, just like 2000 years ago, young Józef (Yusuf in Arabic) looks for shelter for his wife. This time we can change their fate. Please listen to this story … Young Yusuf for a long long time has been looking for a home where he could live with his beloved wife. Not that he didn’t do anything, in fact he worked really hard, hoping to earn a living. Yet, there was still not enough money. Therefore he postponed the wedding date three times, because according to the Lebanese tradition, a man who does not have an apartment should not start a family. He also had the opportunity to go to work abroad, but he did not want to leave his parents who needed him. The money he managed to gather suddenly lost 80% of its value due to unpredicted inflation. He decided to take out a loan to finally have the house he wanted. Construction has started. Unfortunately, the terrible day came – 4th August, 2020 and the explosion in the Beirut port shattered Yusuf’s dream. His apartment and the entire building simply blew up in the air. His district has suffered terrible destruction. He lost all his investment, and worst of all, he lost all hope and made the painful decision to leave Lebanon.
Prior to that incident, he had given a lot by actively working voluntarily in the youth ministry commission in the Maronite Church, yet the tragedy in Beirut and the lack of prospects for creating a family took away his strength to continue. When the Patriarch of the Maronite Church, Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rai, learned about this story, he decided to give back hope to the young couple. The Church offered what is most precious in Lebanon – land. Yusuf believed again in the goodness of man and experienced that there are more people of good will. This 1000 metres square of land in the town of Halat, near the historic Byblos, is a lot, but also not much, if the desired home is not built on them. In the current economic crisis, Yusuf is not even able to start construction. We wish to change the Yusuf’s history and build him a house made of wood from Poland. To do this, we kindly ask for your help. Together, we can buy a house from a Polish producer and ship it to Beirut by sea. We will prove that acting from the heart can change a person’s fate, perhaps not only Yusuf’s.
We need 75 thousand PLN to buy a house and transfer it to Lebanon. Cafe Wnet from Karolkowa Street in Warsaw has already joined the initiative. From each purchased coffee,1 PLN is allocated for the new home. It would be lovely to see you at The Cafe Wnet.
We ask the Donors to donate to our account: 62 1020 1156 0000 7402 0134 0702 BIC / SWIF: BPKOPLPW Please add in the title: HOUSE FOR JUSUFADrewniany do dla Libanu